[tagline_box backgroundcolor="" shadow="no" shadowopacity="0.1" border="1px" bordercolor="" highlightposition="top" link="" linktarget="_self" buttoncolor="" button="Who are we?" title="A small and unique team of Dynamics AX specialists working together to achieve amazing results for your business." description="When you're looking for someone to truly understand your business, identify requirements and improvements and then make the implementation happen." animation_type="0" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.1"][/tagline_box]

[content_box title="AX Consultancy" image="" icon="tablet" link="/services/ax-consultancy/" linktext="Learn More"]Whether you’re looking at Microsoft Dynamics AX as your future ERP Solution or are you just trying to maximise your existing AX integration and get your project on track. Our specialist team are ready to work with you to deliver the solution you need.[/content_box]
[content_box title="AX Development" image="" icon="tablet" link="/services/ax-development/" linktext="Learn More"]Implementing AX can be difficult, unless you happen to have a top notch AX developer that has been implementing AX for about as long as it’s existed. If there was an Olympics for fastest and most professional development time then I’m pretty sure we could sweep Gold. Let’s talk about giving this Gold Level service to your project.[/content_box]
[content_box title="AX Reporting" image="" icon="random" link="/services/ax-reporting/" linktext="Learn More"]Quality branded reports are not something AX is known for, its complex reporting systems require the combination of design, layout & coding skills with an understanding of the complex data structure that define these reports. Fortunately we have a team headed up by a veteran of report design and implementation.[/content_box]
[content_box last="yes" title="Data Migration"  image="" icon="tint"  link="/services/custom-data-migration/" linktext="Learn More"]Do you have data in an old system that needs to be migrated to a new or existing AX system? Over the last 10 years our team have learned to get data out of any system known to mankind and get it ported over to your shiny new AX database.[/content_box]
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[testimonial name="Sharon" gender="female" company="I’Anson Bros." link="#" target="_self"]We saw improvements in our customers payment in the first month of using the new statement design[/testimonial]
[testimonial name="Hugh" gender="male" company="I’Anson Bros" link="#" target="_self"]It’s great to get so many things ticked off so quickly.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name="William" gender="male" company="Fane Valley" link="#" target="_self"][/testimonial]


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